Data Backup/Disaster Recovery

Quick recoveries ensure your business survives any disaster

Tape backup was once the industry standard for data backup and disaster recovery. The reason why it didn’t last long as a standard is because it’s time-consuming, unreliable, and prone to user error. If a data loss event happens, you wouldn’t want your critical data left vulnerable in magnetic tape reels.

Whether it’s a malware infection, a server crash, or a bolt of lightning, how fast your business gets back up and running can make or break your business. Genesys’s Data Backup/Disaster Recovery services ensure that your data is securely replicated and stored in an offsite data center, so when disaster strikes, all you have to do is execute quick and easy steps to resume operations in minutes.

Genesys’s Data Backup/Disaster Recovery helps:

  • Reduce your recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Minimize impact on server performance
  • Minimize amount of storage used when backing up
  • Increase client confidence in your business

Our Data Backup/Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Daily automated backup testing – we test bootability and viability of backups to ensure they’ll work properly when called on
  • Offsite archiving – save space on local devices by storing large volumes of data offsite
  • Hardware options – avoid commitments to any particular vendor and back up your data easily on any machine
  • Verifiable service level agreement – we put into writing clear and concise details for expected recovery time and recovery points
  • Robust security measures – we keep your data safe with perimeter firewalls, application whitelisting, antimalware, and more

How dependable is your existing data backup and disaster recovery solution?

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